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wheel Settings

Author: Asaf Ben-Zur

Best used for: Wheels

A simple module to create an auto-drive for wheels.

This module will calculate the rotation of a wheel based on the input settings, using the module's world position.

This will yield an auto-drive for wheels.

The behaviour will not be confined to a single control being moved, but rather to the modules world position.

This will apply to translation, as well as rotation, in all directions.



Attribute NameDefaultDescription
controlShape circle Control shape
X v v v
Y v v v
Z v v v

Control channel-box settings
wheelDiameter 20.0 The driven wheel diameter. This is the base of the calculation and needs to be set accurately
gearRatio 1.0 In case you target is a driven gear, you can set the diameter above to the driver gears diameter, and set the ratio between them for accurate results
mapRoatationToAxis 0 Map the rotation axis needs to be acted on. This is based on the orientaton of your guide
reverseDirection False In some cases the direction of the drive is flipped. If this is your case, set this setting to True to correct this issue
autoDriveDefault 1.0 Auto-Drive channel default state