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Mansur-Rig 1.2.3

Released 7 May 2021

What's new in Version 1.2.3

Many bug fixes and few new features


  • Block - New Guide/Joint toggle button in main tab.
  • IK-FK blend default value attribute added to Limb-Module.
  • Default symmetry mode for freeControl module was changes to- None.
  • #72 - Custom script execution faliure will now display the error stack-trace in the errro dialog as well as print into maya's console.
  • Added new sub-groups to rig-top. All of these sub groups were added for the cleanest setup possible - the objective is for the top group to contain the entire rig data, including the model, so when adding it as a reference, a single transform will contain everything related to the rig in the outliner.
    • oSkelGrp - offset-skeleton-group, to contain the offset skeleton in the future
    • extSetupGrp - extra setup group, to contain any manual setups
    • mdlGrp - model group, to contain the model
  • Accordingly, a new "Check/Update Rig Top Structure" Utility was added to Block's Utility tab, to update rig-tops created with previous Mansur-Rig versions.

Bug fixes

  • #68 - Once any channel-control related checkboxes were set to off by the user, they became permanently off- Fixed.
  • #68 - Embedded IK construction was failing in case the user selected to turn off the rotation channels in the channel-control - Fixed.
  • #71 - Updated error message in "Copy-Skin" failure. The message was not very informative, it is now updated to suggest possible fixes.
  • Module Setting button press in Block was resulting in an error in case there was no selection- Fixed.
  • FK Chain IK-Secondaries and Variable-FK attribute description typos fix.

Transition Log

  • In case you ned to update from a previous version of Mansur-Rig, please use the new "Check/Update Rig Top Structure" in Block's Utility tab to update your rig-top structure.

mnsMayaPlugins v 1.0.6