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Activation in Maya



Custom Rigging



Pricing/Subscriptions [Answers]

Is Mansur-Rig free to use?

Yes. Mansur-Rig is 100% free to use. For both personal and commercial use.

Mansur-Rig only requires a sign-up at our app, and a simple activation in Maya using the sign-up credentials used.

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Can I sell rigs created using Mansur-Rig?

Yes, absolutely.
Anyone is free to sell rigs created using Mansur-Rig, without any restrictions, and without any prior approval, and at any price.
Also, there is no requirement to credit Mansur-Rig. Although that will help support Mansur-Rig and will be appreciated.

With that said, remember that Mansur-Rig is required (installation and activation) in order for the rigs your are selling to function.
So anyone you sell your rigs to, will require to install and activate Mansur-Rig. Although it is completely free.

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Installation [Answers]

How do I install Mansur-Rig?

Here is a video guide on how to install and activate Mansur-Rig:
Installation & Activation Tutorial

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I installed Mansur-Rig, and I don't see the menu in Maya

  • First, make sure the Maya version in question is within Mansur-Rig's supported versions, and that you are using a supported platform:
  • If so, make sure PyMel is installed within the Maya version you are using:
    2022 & 2023
  • Try to uninstall, then use the manual installation instead.
  • If non if the above make a difference, please send a support ticket to
    [email protected]
    with as much information possible.

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I'm a freelance rigging artist using Mansur-Rig. do my clients require Mansur-Rig?

Mansur-Rig is based on a dedicated custom C++ node library, that is the heart of it's operation.
In order for the Rigs created using Mansur-Rig to run, this solver-library is required. Without it, it won't function.
Moreover, Mansur-Rig's solvers will only function in case Mansur-Rig is activated using a valid license. Although Mansur-Rig is free to use.
So, your clients will require the installation of Mansur-Rig.
It is also important to note that in case your clients only need to use Mansur-Rig's extracted skeleton for a game-engine for example- they do not require Mansur-Rig at all.
Mansur-Rig is only required to build/use puppets within Maya. Once the sekeleton/animated-skeleton is extracted, Mansur-Rig is no longer required.

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Do animators require Mansur-Rig?

Yes. Mansur-Rig's installation and activation is required to build/use puppets created using Mansur-Rig within Maya. Although it is completely free.

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After extracting the skeleton, do I still need Mansur-Rig?

No. Mansur-Rig is only required to build/use puppets within Maya. Once the sekeleton/animated-skeleton is extracted, Mansur-Rig is no longer required.

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Can I install Mansur-Rig in other softwares other then Maya?

Mansur-Rig is a plugin written specifically for Maya. Although the UI is written in Python, it is based on a dedicated custom C++ node library written using Maya's API, hence running it in any other software other then Maya isn't possible.
Transforming Mansur-Rig to other softwares isn't possible as well, just for clarity.

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Can I use Mansur-Rig without an internet conection?

Currently, No.
Mansur-Rig license system is validating against a web-based server. Without an internet connection, your license cannot be validated.
Offline authentication is a future possibility, although it is not on the roadmap for now.

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I'm in a studio environment, and I have a firewall. Are there any URL's I need to white-list to use Mansur-Rig?

In case you have a firewall preventing you from authenticating Mansur-Rig you need to white-list these URL's:


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Activation in Maya [Answers]

How Do I activate my account in Maya?

Here is a video guide on how to install and activate Mansur-Rig:
Installation & Activation Tutorial

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Activation failed. Message: email, password and License-ID inputs are required.

All three of these feilds are required.
This means one of them was not inputted into the dialog.
Please fill the requird feilds and try again.

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Activation failed. Message: Invalid Credentials.

This means the creadentials inserted were not found in the system.
Please make sure the information you inserted is correct.
Make sure there arn't any hidden spaces within your inputs.

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Activation failed. Message: Couldn't find license. Please check your inputs.

This means that the user credentials were found, although the license ID did not match any records for this user.
Please check your licence-ID input and try again.
Make sure there arn't any hidden spaces within your inputs.

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Activation failed. Message: This seat is already occupied. Couldn't Log-In.

This message means that the licensing system detected a "double use" of the same license.
If only you are using this license, it means that for some reason your comupter fingerprint has changed.
there are a few reasons this could happen:

  1. You are using multiple computers with the saem license (for example a home office and a work computer)
  2. Your computer fingerprint changed. Maybe because you are using a VPN, or maybe your IP changed.
  3. You are using different platforms (Windows/Linux) with the same license.

If any of the above apply to you, or even if you don't know why this happened, here is what you can do:

  1. Go to Mansur-Rig's Wep-App
  2. Log-In to your account.
  3. Move to Licenses tab.
  4. Locate the license you are trying to activate within the licenses list. It should be indicated as Occupied.
  5. Click the license row to open the drop-down menu.
  6. Click the Log-Out button.
  7. Your license has now been unoccupied, go back to Maya and activate successfully.

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Activation failed. Message: mnsLicDigest command wans't found. Please check your environment.

This message means that Mansur-Rig's licensing plugin was not found.
If this is the message you are seeing please follow these guides:

Step A:

  1. In Maya, go to Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-In Manager.
  2. In the serach bar, type mnsLicDigest
  3. In case you find the plugin and it is unloaded, check both Loaded & Auto-Load checkboxes, and activate your account successfully.
  4. In case you don't find the plugin, or it fails to load, move to step B.

Step B:

  1. In case you can't find mncLicDigest.mll in the list, it generally means that you are missing an essential plugin from your installation.
  2. In most cases, it is a firewall/antivirus deleting this file due to a false threat trigger. These .mll files are a subtype of a .dll file-type, which are considered a threat by most firewall/antivirus software. I can guarentee all .mll plugin included in Mansur-Rig are 100% safe and contain no threat.
  3. So, what you need to do is restore the missing files. Their location within the installation is here: .../%Mansur_Rig_Installation_Path%/mnsPlugins/%platform%/%maya_version%. The best thing to do is create an exception within your firewall/antivirus software to that directory, and simply re-dowloading Mansur-Rig's version to restore these files.
  4. It is important to say that without these files Mansur-Rig will not function.
  5. In case you did find mnsLicDigest and it simply fails to load, move to step C.

step C

  1. In case mnsLicDigest fails to load, i suggest re-downloading and re-installing Mansur-Rig.
  2. If that doesn't work, please sent a support ticket to [email protected] explaining your issue, with as much information as possible, including the error message you get when trying to load mnsLicDigest

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Compatibility [Answers]

Is Mansur-Rig Game-Engine compatible?

Mansur-Rig was designed to support game engines workflows.
In case you are using Mansur-Rig with only a Skin-Cluster and Blend-Shape deformers, your rig is 100% Game-Engine compatible.
Mansur-Rig created a single joint hierarchy, with an origin top joint, which is the Game-Engine standard.
Also, Mansur-Rig contains easy to use tools to extract animations and assets to FBX format to enhence Game-Engine workflows.
Mansur-Rig contains MOCAP support and easy to use tools in order to incorporate MOCAP into your workflow easily.

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Is Mansur-Rig joint based?

Mansur-Rig modules were designed to be joint-driven.
As creating modules that are joint-based is usually more difficult, especially for facial rigs, Mansur-Rig was designed to be Game-Engine compatible, hence an effort was made to make sure all functionalities are joint-based.

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Can I use Mansur-Rig in combination with another Rig-Builder/manual-rig?

Yes, of course. You can combine Mansur-Rig with any other technics of your choice.
Although Mansur-Rig does not contain pre-defined ways of combining it with other non-native objects, it is completely up to you do choose to do so.
You can choose to use manual actions to connect Mansur-Rig with other entities, or you can use Mansur-Rig's Custom-Scripts to automate this workflow.

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I'm using a custom pipeline, and picker images don't load. Can I specify a static location for picker images?

Simply go to Mansur-Rig -> Preferences dialog, move to Picker tab within the preferences dialog, and set your centralized picker-imaged path into the pickerImagesFallbakPath setting.
Click Save
Now, if a picker image isn't found, this directory will be used as a fallback directory to try and find it.
Note: please use this-guide for correct naming convention for picker images

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Is there an easy way to extract animations from Mansur-Rig to FBX?

Mansur-Rig contains a comprehensive Animation-Exporter that allows fast and easy export of assets/animations to FBX format.

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Can I incorporate Motion-Capture (MOCAP) with Mansur-Rig?

Mansur-Rig supports Motion-Capture workflows fully.
Here is a Guide to Mansur-Rig's Mocap Tools

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Credits [Answers]

I use Mansur-Rig in a studio environment, do I need to credit it?

Although that will help support Mansur-Rig and will be very appreciated.

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General [Answers]

Does Mansur-Rig auto skin?

Mansur-Rig is a puppet-creation tool and offers no skinning tools.
Skinning is an essential skill required in order to build any rig, and Mansur-Rig is no exception.
If you are only looking for a tool to enhence/automate your skinning workflow, Mansur-Rig is not a good match.

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Can I use Mansur-Rig to create Facial-Rigs?

Mansur-Rig contains both sepecificaly designed Facial-Rigging modules, as well as many more sulotions to create high-end Facial-Rigs.
Moreover, Mansur-Rig's Facial-Rigging methods are one of it's best strengths, and all of them are joint-based as well, so they are also Game-Engine compatible.
Check out some examples over at our Art-Station profile and our You-Tube Channel
And here is a full tutorial series on Mansur-Rig's Facial-Rigging

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What's the difference between Mansur-Rig and other rig-builders?

  • First and foremost, Mansur-Rig's performance is faster. It is based on an extensive custom node-library, dedicated to fast performing rigs.
  • Second, it's ability to be deconstructed will speed-up your workflow tremendously. Instead of building a puppet from pre-defined guides, one-way-steet, it's one of a kind ability to be decostructed back to guides state means that your puppet and guides are the same entity.
  • This in turn means that your rig building iterations are much faster. Instead of needing to re-open "guides" file and building again, you simply go back and forth between constructed and decustrected states.
  • This also means, that ALL rig information is within one scene. No longer you need to manage multiple files containing different types of data. Your guides, controls, rig-poses, control shapes, picker information and skin-data are contained within a single Maya scene.
  • This unique ability also allows you to pre-pose your puppet- which is very significant. Instead of being dependent of the Modeling team to deliver a T-Posed model (which isn't optimal), using Mansur-Rig you will be liberated to pre-pose your model, since the skin-data is a part of your rig, instead of being loaded post-construction. The skinning information is preserved in both constructed and deconstructed states, so you can pose your rig before constrcuting the puppet. Your animators will feel the difference- it's MASSIVE.
  • Next, Mansur-Rig's components are to the highest possible extent of modularity. Not only you can combine any component with any different one, the components are layered so you can choose the amount of flexibility you provide within your rig based on your performance limitations. You can also connect components using a centralized spaces system.
  • Since Mansur-Rig has dual states, every rig is also a template. You can use ANY Mansur-Rig's puppet and simply deconstruct it- and just like that you have a guide template. Move components to their new location based on your model, construct, and the puppet will match the original puppet you based you rig on. Of course you can always deconstruct and alter settings/components to your needs.
  • Overall, Mansur-Rig is the single high end One-Stop-Shop for all of your rigging needs. A production ready proven product, suitable for both offline productions and Game-Engines.
  • Finally- completeness. Mansur-Rig contains many tools for rigging and animation workflows to support it's main behaviour. These tools are a part of the product and don't need to be externaly installed. They are simply there whenever you need them:
  • LOD Tool
  • Animation Picker
  • Control Visibility Tool
  • CNS Tool
  • Spring Tool
  • Spaces/IK-FK Tool
  • Facial Mocap Tool
  • Animation Exporter
  • Volume-Joints Tool
  • Deformation Utilities
  • MOCAP tools
  • Module-Preset Editor
  • Dynamic UI Creation Tool
  • Enterprise-Level license Management system

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Where can I get support?

In case you are having any issues with your product or your account, here are the ways to get in touch:

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Custom Rigging [Answers]

Can I add manual steps to Mansur-Rig's build?

Please follow this guide to Custom-Scripts in order to add python-scripts to Mansur-Rig's automated build.

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Can I run Mansur-Rig using code instead of the UI?

Here is a Guide To Scripted Builds

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Development [Answers]

Is Mansur-Rig maintained?

Mansur-Rig is an ongoing development, and IT IS HERE TO STAY!

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Where can I track Mansur-Rig's Development?

You can follow Mansur-Rig's developement on our Development Board
You can also track past development and release notes at the Release Notes Page

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I have a bug to report, where can I do that?

First, you can try our live support at our Discord Server
You can also send a support ticket to
[email protected]
In case your report was reproduced successfully, it will be logged to our Development Board

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I have a feature request, where can I send it to?

First, you can try our live support at our Discord Server
You can also send a feature request to
[email protected]
In case your feature request was accepted, it will be logged to our Development Board

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