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limb Settings

Author: Asaf Ben-Zur

Best used for: Arms, Legs

This module was designed to create a generic 3 joint limb control.

This module will create both the FK and IK controls, and the standard blend control.

On top of the standard behaviour, based on parameters, this module can also include bendy limb controls (as many as you want), Arc layer and Sleeve layer.

Note: When used as a leg, try using the foot module as a direct child of this module to automatically achive a connected behaviour.



Attribute NameDefaultDescription
interpolationJoints 3 Increments of 2, starting from 3. This setting controls the number of driven interpolation joints needed. This interpolation joint chain will behave according to the module's design, and will inherit transformations that are required by this module. Usually the driven interpolation joint-chain is the compenents result behaviour in animation
offsetX 20.0 Up curve X value offset for the interpolation joints
offsetZ 0.0 Up curve Z value offset for the interpolation joints
FKSymmetryType 0 FK controls symmetry type, in case it needs to differ from the main symmetry type
scaleMode 2 Default scale mode. Please refer to the documentation of mnsPointsOnCurve node to learn more about each mode
squashMode 0 Default squash mode. Please refer to the documentation of mnsPointsOnCurve node to learn more about each mode
ikFkBlendDefault 0 Default value for the main IK-FK blend channel. 0 is IK, 1 is FK.


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
stretchLimit 1.0 IK Handle stratch limit default value
softness 0.0 IK handle softness default value
iKHandleMatchOrient Select a guide to match the IK-Handle's orientation. This will override the native orientation as well as all symmetry options.


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
rootControlShape lightSphere Module root control control shape
ikHandleControlShape square IK Handle control shape
poleVectorControlShape diamond Pole Vector control shape
fkControlShape hexagon FK controls shape
tertiariesControlShape flatDiamond Tweak tertiary controls shape


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
doTweakers False This feature will create a secondary tweak layer below the main control chain. This is commonly known as Bendy-Limbs
tweakersSymmetryType 3 Tweak controls symmetry type, in case it needs to differ from the main symmetry type
tweakersPerSection 1 The amount of bendy controls per section. A value of one will create two controls in total - one for the upper section of the limb, on for the lower section
createExtraAttributes True If this is set to True, some extra tertiary channel-box control attributes will be added to the attribute-host
tweakControlShape dialSquare Tweak controls shape
negateOffsetOnSymmetry False If this is set to True, the above offsetX and offsetZ value for the up curve will be negated
X v v v
Y v v v
Z v v v

Tweak controls channel-box settings


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
doArc False This feature will use mnsThreePointArc node to create an automatic arc layer on the final curve output
arcDegree 3 Arc's curve degree. Refer to mnsThreePointArc node documentation to learn more about this attribute
arcSections 8 The amount of samples used to create the arc. Since three samples will create no effect (the result arc needs more points in between to describe the shape), use a higher value to create an effect. The higher the sample amount, the more precise the arc will be
resampleCurveSections 16 Post creation sample amount
collinearAction 0 this attribute will be used to dictate what to do when the limb is straight (the collinear case). Input curve will match the input curve plugged into this node (recommended), re-sample will create a new curve based on the node's attributes
conformToMidPoint True If this is set to True, the node will attempt to pin the middle origin sample in its place, resulting in a much stabler result. If this is set to False, the middle origin sample might shift while animating the arc value (not recommended)
addSwipes True Add swipe channel-channel box attributes to the attribute host


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
doSleeve False Do sleeve feature. This feature will create a curbe and controls along the result interpolation joints of this module. This will result in the ability to control a sleeve position along the limb as well as many other features
numSleeveJoints 3 The amount of joints to sample along the sleeve curve
sleeveControlShape octagon Sleeve control shape
sleeveCurveDegree 3 Sleeve curve degree
sleeveBuildMode 0 Sleeve curve generation mode