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Mansur-Rig 2.4.0

Released 14 Nov 2023


  • Updated Prefs gathering methods to increase performance - An unexpected performance impact bug was found related to prefs gathering mehthods. The entire structure for prefs gathering was updated, and a 50% increase in all actions (!!!) speed is logged!
  • Module Settings - int increment rule - Added an ability to create an increment rule within int type settings in module-settings and dyn-UI.
  • All module int increment rule setting pass - Implemented the new int-increment rule in all relevant modules.
  • Preferences Update trigger - Added trigger in centralized location to find and fix preferences in case they are currupt/out-of-date.
  • Static "Picker-Images" directory in preferences - Added a new preference named "Picker images fallback path". This path can now be used to centralize all picker images in a single location. This is convenient for any user, but especially important when using pipelines that use different file structures for rig. Now in case there is a need, use this preferece to specify a centralized location for all picker images. This location will be used for searching picker images in case the default location was not found.
  • Remote-Control style Ctrls symmetry - Control shapes symmetry action will now symmetrize remote-control style shapes and positions.
  • "Save Default Values" trigger for ui-style controls, on "extract shapes" - For ease of use, now "extract shapes" action will trigger a "save custom default values" for remote-control style controls.
  • Prevent all guide-related actions in Block while in constructed state - Implemented.
  • Game Exporter - Indication for ongoing process - Implemented.
  • Game Exporter - Custom-Attributes Extraction ability - Game exporter is now enhenced with an ability to extract additional channel-box attributes. Relevant for blend-shapes drivers, texture-switchers etc.
  • CurveZipB Module- Attachments joint struct Manual parameters adjustments - Added an ability to manually adjust indevidual joint placements for the attachment (eyelashes) layer.

Bug Fixes

  • After Relative/Absolute guide poses load addition, previously built rigs break as they were all relative. add a failsafe as well as a pose mode definition for each guide- Fixed.
  • When creating a new module- match rig's joint radius. Implemented.
  • Wing module - Some control shape settings are set to be a jntStructSoftMod incorrectly- Fixed.
  • When a rig is referenced without namespace, picker images are not loading- Fixed.
  • Picker fails to initialize when there are multiple rigs without namespaces in one scene- Fixed.
  • FreeControl - Setting createJoint attribute to False, deletes the attribute host object- Fixed.
  • Selection is not restored after guides orientation action- Fixed.
  • Selection isn't restored when symmetrizing cg shapes action- Fixed.
  • When symmetrizing a module branch- match joint radius- Implemented.
  • doPrimariesSpaceSwitch on FKChain module causes module construction to fail- Fixed.
  • FK Chain module existence is causing partial construction to fail - Fixed.
  • Custom default values deletion isn't working for UI style ctrls- Fixed.
  • Game Exporter - failing to initialize with preset ranges set in scene- Fixed.


  • Keyword arguments missing from documentation - Fixed.
  • Link-Chain- shape tweakers must be Mansur-Rig objects. Added to the docs.
  • Mechanical Modules- Documentation fully updated.
  • Module settings reviewed and updated.

mnsMayaPlugins v 2.4

  • New node- mnsModulo

Transition Log

  • Please use the centralized "Update Rig" utility button in Block's utility tab to update rigs built with previous versions of Mansur-Rig.