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Mansur-Rig 2.2.0

Released 26 Jun 2023


  • Maya-2024 support - Mansur-Rig now supports Maya2024 for both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Facial Mocap Tool (beta) - A new Facial-Motion-Capture to control rig mapping tool.

Bug Fixes

  • localClump module right side flip ability
  • freeControl right-side flip issues - Fixed
  • selection restore issues after ctrlShapes exctraction and symmetry.

mnsMayaPlugins v 2.2

  • mnsPoseBlend - New node supporting the new Facial-Mocap-Tool

Transition Log

  • Please use the centralized "Update Rig" utility button in Block's utility tab to update rigs built with previous versions of Mansur-Rig.