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System Requirements

Compatible Platforms

  • Windows
  • Linux (Tested on CentOS 7.9)

Compatible Maya versions

Maya 2018 Maya 2019 Maya 2020 Maya 2022 Maya 2023
WinLinux WinLinux WinLinux WinLinux WinLinux

Windows - System requirements


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2022 is a part of the native Maya installation. In most cases, no action is required to use Mansur-Rig in Maya. In some rare cases (incomplete Maya installation), if missing this component needs to be installed manually.

Maya 2022 (and above) requirements

  1. Mansur-Rig requires a native Maya python module - PyMel. For an unknown reason, Maya 2022 (and above) installation has this module for Python 3 presented as an optional feature. Worse then that, it is un-checked by default:
  2. Maya 2022 installation dialog example
  3. In case you installed Maya 2022 (and above) without this checked, Mansur-Rig manu would not show up once you install it. To check whether you have this component installed, simply run 'import pymel.core' (without the qoutes) in a Python tab within Maya's script editor. if an error is logged, it means this reuqired component is NOT installed, and Mansur-Rig will not function. If this is the case for you, you have a few options available to resolve this issue:
    1. Install PyMel for Python 3 on an existing Maya installation using this guide.
    2. Re-installing Maya, making sure you tick the PyMel checkbox.