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lookAtControl Settings

Author: Asaf Ben-Zur
Best used for: Eyes, Generic Orientation based components
This module was written to function as an eye IK (look at setup), but can be used for many other generic components.
This module will create a slave control (at root position) which is aim-constraint to custom look-at guide.
The slave control will be the control authority for the joint, as the look-at control will control its orientation.



Attribute NameDefaultDescription
slaveControlShape lightSphere Origin slave control shape
targetControlShape circle Main control shape
upLocalDirection 0 Main control shape
X v v v
Y v v v
Z v v v
Main control channel-box settings


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
doInterpOrient False Comment wasn't inserted
spaceA Comment wasn't inserted
spaceB Comment wasn't inserted
spaceAWeight 0.5 Comment wasn't inserted
doAngleBasedScale False create an angle based scale driver, to scale the target slave joint when the angle changes between the two sources. Originally designed for double-chin setup
scaleWhenAngle 0 Comment wasn't inserted
maxScale 2.0 Comment wasn't inserted
angleMaxRange 180.0 Comment wasn't inserted
connectToTargetAxis 1 Comment wasn't inserted


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
doLookAtSpring False This feature will create a spring node blowe the look-at master. This will result in a rotation-based spring, mostly used for vehicle center suspension to achive secondary motion.
defaultStiffness 0.5 Comment wasn't inserted
defaultDamping 0.5 Comment wasn't inserted


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
pupilDilateAttribute Input bland-shape attribute to connect pupil dialation control to
pupilContractAttribute Input bland-shape attribute to connect pupil contaction control to
irisDilateAttribute Input bland-shape attribute to connect iris dialation control to
irisContractAttribute Input bland-shape attribute to connect iris contaction control to
combinedAttributeHost If this is set to True, a global attribute for the above pupil and iris controls will be created on the specified attribute host. This feature is mainly to combine two different eye shapes controls into one single control, or moving the location of this attribute to a diffent module in case the eye meshs are combined