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Mansur-Rig 1.1.1

Mansur-Rig is a python modular rig-builder for Autodesk-Maya, equipped with a full custom rigging nodes-library to fill all of your Rigging needs in one place.

What's new in Version 1.1.1


  • #37 - Added "Select Main joints" button to Block UI (deformation tab) that will select all main joints ignoring interpolation joints.
  • #40 - Default values save/load will now include world control's modules vis state attributes as well

Bug fixes

  • #38 - Simple Squash control shape not extracting - Fixed.
  • #39 - Add guides/remove guides related bugs - Fixed. These should now be fully funstional again.
  • #41 - Sleeve for limb module was construction outside the rig-top hierarchy - Fixed.
  • CurveZipB module - interp joints where not inhereting global orientation properly - Fixed.
  • Depreciated unused moduleRootVis attribute from puppet root.
  • limb softMod related errors - Fixed.

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