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localClump Settings

Author: Asaf Ben-Zur

Best used for: Clumps of controls. i.e. the first layer of controls in a clump of 5 hair strands (FK chains).

This module was developed to allow a local control driver, over clumps of controls.

For example, a block rig contains 10 hair strands, controled by 10 FK-Shain modules, with 3 controls each.

In some cases it is easier to pose the hair treting it as a single unit instead of indevidual strands.

So, a clump-control can be created for each layer of controls (3, 1 for every unit in each chain).

The control will be created using local channels in order to not break the FK behaviour of the strands.

In case any other method was used (spaces, module parenting), each indevidual strand FK behaviour would have been broken.

The clump controls can also be parented under one another to create a layered-FK behaviour.

This will result in a main clump-fk chain, treating the hair as a single unit, and FK chains below to tread each strand indevidually.

In case you want to mimic a normal parenting behaviour, use the conformPivot attribute, which will conform all local driven controls to the pivot of this master clump control.

Leaving conformPivot OFF, will simply connect to the local channels of the slave, leaving its pivots intact. This will result in a slightly different behaviour.

You can also use connectToChannelControl attribute to decide which attributes you want to connect to, and the ones you want to leave out.



Attribute NameDefaultDescription
controlShape circle Control shape
clumpSlaves [' '] All guides that will be locally controlled by this clump
X v v v
Y v v v
Z v v v

This will determine which channels or axes will be connected to the slaves.
flipRightX False This will Flip all connections for the local X channel.
flipRightY False This will Flip all connections for the local Y channel.
flipRightZ False This will Flip all connections for the local Z channel.
conformPivot True When ON, the pivot of the target slaves will be conformed to the pivot of this master control. When OFF, the original pivots of the slaves will be preserved.
createJoint False Choose whether to create and attach a joint to this control
X v v v
Y v v v
Z v v v

Control channel-box settings