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Mansur-Rig 1.1.0

Mansur-Rig is a python modular rig-builder for Autodesk-Maya, equipped with a full custom rigging nodes-library to fill all of your Rigging needs in one place.

What's new in Version 1.1.0


  • Construct and Deconstruct performance improvements
  • Block UI picker tab update
  • createFreePlg will now create facial/body plg based on picker layout base state, instead of "body" type default
  • lookAtControl module- added combinedAttributeHost to allow single combined attribute to control multiple modules dilate/contract within a single channel
  • lips module- added cheeckRaise feature (dropdown). A new implementation to create a relationship between a lip corner control and an external cheek module ctrl, driving raise and push values to the slave cheek controls from the main lips corners controls.

Bug fixes

  • Version manager - version order was reversed to display the latest version on top, and the oldest version at the bottom.
  • freeControl module - jumps/twitches bug related to mesh tweakers were fixed. Mesh tweaker local ctrl was transitioned to a techCtrl type to avoid getting any keys. Keys on the local control were causing the issue.
  • Construction and deconstruction attribute connect warnings in the script editor were removed
  • #33 - Foot not building in version 1.0.14 - fixed. Foot module should now build properly.
  • #34 - Simple squash deconstruction issues - resolved. simpleSquash should now be stable on construction and deconstruction.
  • #35 - Can't create freeControl with no attributes- fixed. Any module with all channel control attributes set to OFF should build with ease.

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