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Creating A Picker

Video Overview

A picker can be the difference between a good rig, and a great one! In this video I want to show you how you can easily create a picker for your rigs, using Mansur-Rig.

Covered subjects in this video:

  • Picker Layout
  • Picker Background Images
  • Creating a related PLG
  • Creating a Free-PLG
  • Adjusting PLG Settings
  • Body/Facial tabs
  • Delivery
  • Creating FK-IK Switch PLG

Picker Images Naming Convention

  • Picker-Body-Image: "%rig_name%_pickerBody.png"
  • Picker-Face-Image: "%rig_name%_pickerFace.png"
  • Picker-Thumbnail-Image: "%rig_name%_pickerThumbnail.png"
    Delivery Folder Example