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Version Updates

For your ease of use, Mansur-Rig is equipped with a Version-Manager tool


How to use the Version-Manager

  1. Via Mansur main menu, click the Version-Manager item to open the tool.
  2. Current Mansur-Rig version will be visibly marked with a green V icon.
  3. To upgrade/downgrade to a version, you will need to make sure the version is Install Available. In case it isn't, you can easily download it using the download button.
  4. Once a version is Install Available, simply select the version you wish to upgrade/downgrade to, and click Install.
  5. Once the installation is complete, a message will be displayed stating the process finished.
  6. Restart Maya
  7. Version-Update is complete.


In case you wish to manually change a version, please follow the Install Guide using any version of your choosing. Installing a new version of Mansur-Rig when any version is installed will result in an upgrade/downgrade to the newly installed version.