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sphereRoll Settings

Author: Asaf Ben-Zur

Best used for: Balls, BB-8-Style

A simple module to drive a sphere roll based on position.

Upon contruction, based on the given settings, the main joint orientation will be driven by the module's position.

This module will calculate the roll of the sphere needed to reach the target position, without slipping, in any direction.

This behaviour is not confined to a single control being moved, but rather calculated based on the module's world-position.


splitOrientSpace True Comment wasn't inserted


Attribute NameDefaultDescription
controlShape lightSphere Control shape
X v v v
Y v v v
Z v v v

Control channel-box settings
sphereRadius 20.0 The controled sphere radius. This is the source of the calculation and needs to be set accurately
autoRollDefault 1.0 Auto-Roll channel default state