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Mansur-Rig 1.1.6

Mansur-Rig is a python modular rig-builder for Autodesk-Maya, equipped with a full custom rigging nodes-library to fill all of your Rigging needs in one place.

What's new in Version 1.1.6


  • #49 - A new attribute on Puppet-Root-Ctrl - Hide Controls On Playback. When animating, you can now set this attribute to True, to automatically hide controls when playing your animation.

Bug fixes

  • Attribute host creation position was always at origin. This has now been fixed and attribute host locator creation position will be the module's root guide
  • Rig renaming was broken (renaming after creation). This has now been resolved.
  • #47 - Problems with interpolation joints after promoting modules is ow resolved.
  • #48 - FKChain's Variable FK was forcing joint structure uniform mode only at construction. This attribute is now marked as a jointStructSoftMod now, and will force a UNIFORM curve sampling on joint structure on guides state. This was added to the attribute's comment and the documentation.

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