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Mansur-Rig 2.0.0

Released 20 Sep 2022


  • Web-App upgrade, with a new license management system. This new app upgrade will now allow you to get as many seats as you want, as well as assign these seats to any Mansur-Rig user on your team.
    All Mansur-Rig versions prior to v2.0.0 are now depricated

    New License types:
    • Gold- This is the best license for riggers. This license gives you full-edit capabilities and full access to all tools and the entire node-library.
    • Silver- This is the best license for animators. This license is a Read-Only license, and can be used only to use rigs, but not edit them. This license includes all animation related tools, but not the node library.
    • Trial- This is a full license (equivalent to Gold), 30-Days Free. Does not require any payment information. One Trial is allowed per user, and only once. This license can not be assigned.
  • New modules!
    • LipsB- A much stronger and stabler version of the Lips module.
    • chassis- A simple module to create a chassis behaviour. This will create a joint with 4 IK controls at chosen positions to calculate the highet and rotation of the chassis joint. This will allow you to control estimate a chassis position and orientation along a given surface very easily.
    • Hydrolic Piston- Create a piston behaviour with ease.
    • Sphere Roll- First of its kind! Calculate a sphere roll based on global position. This is mainly used to create a B-88 style characters.
    • Curve Attachment- Attach a control to any given curve
    • Wheel- Create a wheel behaviour with great ease. Wheel rotation based on global position as well as rotation, works in all directions.
    • Link Chain- Create a link chain behaviour. Used for bike chains, tank treads, conveyor belts or any type of closed link chain deformation.
    • Local Clump- Create a clump control to any group of controls. This will connect using local channels to your clump slaves so it will not break any hierarchy based behaviour.
  • Lips module is now deprecated and replaced by the LipsB module
  • Free-Control module- spring layer- added a new ability to spring specific axes only
  • Multi-row attributes symmetry behaviour improved.
  • Rig-Info- Added Maya version
  • PLG - Select PLGs post projection
  • CurveZipB - Default "Remote-Control-Style" controls position were normalized.
  • licensing UI- "Always On Top" behaviour removed. Window parenting issues resolved.
  • Mansur-Rig will no longer support Maya 2017.
  • Mansur-Rig now supports Maya 2023.

Bug Fixes

  • Attribute hosts were not constructed at chosen positions - Fixed.
  • Module duplicate- CG Shapes duplication behaviour fixed and normalized.
  • Module symmetry- CG Shapes symmetry behaviour fixed and normalized.
  • Foot module - Construction fails when choosing to create a dynamic control layer without the roll layer - Fixed.
  • FK Chain module- Scaling with interp-joints on Fixed-Length mode- behaves incorrectly- Fixed.
  • Free Control Module - create joint feature is loosing authority over related joint after construction in off mode
  • Module symmetry- Spaces symmetry wasn't behaving as expected - Fixed.
  • Partial construction isn't skipping unfound spaces - Fixed.
  • curveZipB module - uShift ins't connected correctly post construction - Fixed
  • Lips, curveZip - vertex to edges conversions, on a mesh-related input attribute are failing on related meshes with namespaces - Fixed.
  • Module Symmetry - FK Chain - post construction orientation for symmetrized module is inconsistent - Fixed
  • Lips module control mirroring issues were fixed on the new LipsB module
  • PLGs - most actions were not undoable - Fixed. All actions wrapped into proper undo chunks.
  • curveZipB module- bind curves creation direction normalized
  • Module preset tool - Custom preset paths were not working - Fixed.

mnsMayaPlugins v 2.0

  • mnsAutoWheelDrive Node released
  • mnsSphereRoll node released
  • mnsPointOnCurve - Object-Orient Up mode
  • mnsPointsOnCurve - Curve Aim Mode
  • mnsPointsOnCurve - objectOrientAim rotate mode

Transition Log

  • Please use the centralized "Update Rig" utility button in Block's utility tab to update rigs built with previous versions of Mansur-Rig.