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4K Monitors

There are known issues with using 4K monitors and Maya.
The problem is a global one, and not related specifically to Mansur-Rig.
If you are experiencing issues with your 4K monitor, here 2 possible fixes:

Solution Fix 1

This fix is a Global fix within Maya's environment, and this guide below is a direct copy of This Guide published by Autodesk.

  1. Open the Preferences window (select Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences).
  2. Select the Interface preferences category, if it's not already selected.
  3. Adjust the settings in the Interface Scaling section.
    Maya Scale
  4. Restart Maya

Solution Fix 2

Available from version 2.4.2 onwards.
If the above did not help, you can also try Mansur-Rig's attempt to fixing this issue locally.
Although this fix is not robust, and may only work in some cases.
Once again this is a global Maya issue and it is very difficult to solve on the local software scope.

  1. Open Mansur-Rig's Preferences (Mansur-Rig's Menu -> Preferences)
  2. Under global tab, turn Attempt 4K Monitors Fix setting ON.
  3. Click Save at the button of the dialog.
    Mansur-Rig's Preferences